LProduce Caredemy

LProduce Caredemy

LProduce Caredemy is a branch of LProduce Medical Recruitment Agency driven by the need to keep healthcare professionals and providers, current in the work they do. The workshops, trainings and courses that are offered by LProduce Caredemy are driven by our vision and mission, nurturing and educating the diverse healthcare community that serves our society.


Providing Educational Excellence and Fostering a learning healthcare community.


Providing the next step in healthcare information and knowledge. Offering quality education, we exist to serve personal development, providing health expertise and promote health and wellness educational care.


  • Providing quality education
  • Providing an array of educational opportunities
  • Providing student centered learning experience
  • Encouraging & supporting an interactive environment
  • Practical application of theoretical knowledge
  • Supportive mentorship
  • Teaching and learning facilitators
  • Belief that healthcare professionals play a vital role in the outcome of health and quality care
  • Commitment to excellence in healthcare and education

Course information


LProduce Caredemy hosts a well-equipped group of healthcare professionals highly qualified from diverse fields of expertise which lead the workshops and trainings. Due to their years of experience in the healthcare industry to accompany their qualifications, they possess a high level of knowledge which they are open to share with YOU!

Our Methodologies of facilitation, learning and training combine the modern era of interactive e-learning, video based instructor led, and practical experiences, where you can fully grasp the material and information which is being transferred to you.

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Tel: 031 566 1838
Email: academy@lproduce.com or lproduce.caredemy@gmail.com


About Us

LProduce (Pty) LTD is a leading medical recruitment agency supplying locum medical professionals and permanent staff to both the private and government health sectors throughout South Africa.


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